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Pirate Radio DIY Guides

Anonymous. Radio Is My Bomb: A DIY Manual For Pirates. London: Hooligan Press, 1987, or available from http://www.roguecom.com/rogueradio/radioismybomb.html.

Disruption. The Goal is as Real as We Make It!: Organize Radio Revolt (an undated tech zine). Minnesota, USA: Free Radio Twin Cities Collective.

Dunifer, Stephen. “Micropower Broadcasting: A Technical Primer.” In Seizing The Airwaves: A Free Radio Handbook. Eds. Ron Sakolsky and Stephen Dunifer. San Franscisco: AK Press, 1998, or available at www.freeradio.org.

Enrile, TJ. A Popular Guide To Building A Community FM Broadcast Station. Free Radio Berkeley, 2005 (in English or Spanish) or available from www.freeradio.org (all text and illustrations by T. J. Enrile).

Kozinuk, Rob. “How To Build a One-Watt FM Transmitter Based on a Workshop by Tetsuo Kogawa.” In Radio Rethink: Art, Sound and Transmissions. Eds. Daina Agaitus and Dan Lander. Banff, BC: Banff Centre for the Arts, 1994.

Leplae, Xav. “Mutiny on the Airwaves or, How To Be A Radio Pirate.” An undated article published by Paper Tiger Television, New York City.

Teflon, Zeke. The Complete Manual of Pirate Radio. Tucson, Arizona: See Sharp Press, 1993.

Tetsuo Kogawa. Polymorphous Space. http://anarchy.translocal.jp/

www.radio4all.net. Home of the A-Infos radio project which exists “to be an alternative to the corporate and government media which do not serve struggles for liberty, justice and peace, nor enable the free expression of creativity.”

Yoder, Andrew. Pirate Radio Stations: Tuning in to Underground Broadcasts. Summit, PA: TAB Books, 1990.


Un Poquito de Tanta Verdad (A Little Bit of So Much Truth), produced and directed by Jill Irene Freidberg, Corrugated Films 2008.

Pirate Radio USA, produced and directed by Mary Jones and Jeff Pearson, Deface the Nation Films, 2006.

Rebel Radio, produced by NEXT TV, City TV, Toronto, March 2002.

Free Radio, produced and directed by Kevin Keyser (available from freeradio.org), 2000.

Born in Flames, produced and directed by Lizzie Borden, First Run Features, 1983.


Freeradio.org. http://www.freeradio.org/, Complete FM broadcast transmitter packages for purchase.

Les émetteurs Décade (Decade Transmitters). http://www.decade.ca, Les émetteurs Décade is a Canadian manufacturer and supplier of LPFM transmitters.

Quality Kits website. http://www.qkits.com/, A website where you can purchase a variety of low power FM kits and equipment.

USB transmitter. http://www.canakit.com/, Information and equipment for USB FM transmitters.

Veronika: AAREFF Transmission Systems. http://www.veronica.co.uk, Veronika offers 1W, 12W, 30W, and 100W transmitters and antennas.