Piratical Audio

Audio clips are available in conjunction with specific chapters:

CHAPTER 4: Freedom Soundz: A Programmer’s Journey Beyond Licenced Community Radio by Sheila Nopper

A clip from Freedom Soundz, Sheila’s program on Tree Frog Radio

Intro & dedication poem by TemPest Grace Gale, read by Fireweed (9min:17sec)

CHAPTER 5: Secwepemc Radio: Reclamation of Our Common Property by Neskie Manuel

These first three clips are Secwepemc Radio station ID’s

Secwepemc Radio Station ID – education (34sec)

Secwepemc Radio Station ID – kids playing (39sec)

Secwepemc Radio Station ID – native youth movement (9sec)

Interview clips from Secwepemc Radio

Interview clip about the Mohawk Warrior response to raid, 2006 (3min:27sec)

Interview clip, Lucille Denault, importance of elders (2min:21sec)

CHAPTER 6: Awakening the “Voice of the Forest”: Radio Barriere Lake by Charles Mostoller

This clip comes to us from Radio Barriere Lake, a station ID.

Radio Barriere Lake – Station ID (45sec)

CHAPTER 7: Squatting the Airwaves: Pirate Radio as Anarchy in Action by Ron Sakolsky

Clips from Tree Frog Radio

10 members of the Black Ink Anarchist writers group, all crammed into a wee trailer (10min:12sec)

Excerpt from the show No Borders, an interview with Maurice Spira, the limerick (2min:15sec)

Interview excerpt with The Mud Girls (2min:46sec)

Live sound collage – excerpt from show, No Borders (8min:41sec)

CHAPTER 8: Amplifying Resistance: Pirate Radio as Protest Tactic by Andrea Langlois & Gretchen King

Clips from Rock the WTO Radio

Rock the WTO Radio: Introduction – No One is Illegal (7min:54sec)

Rock the WTO Radio: No One is Illegal – interviews from the demo, immigration, racial profiling (5min:27sec)

Rock the WTO Radio: Closing, Station ID (38sec)

Rock the WTO Radio: WTO’s threat to agriculture and food (5min:15sec)

Rock the WTO Radio: Closing, Station ID, Resistance continues! (1min:47sec)

CHAPTER 9: The Care and Feeding of Temporary Autonomous Radio by Marian van der Zon

Clips from TAR – the mobile narrowcast

TAR Station ID – waiting for security guards to pass on by.. (41sec)

TAR Station ID – donated by a contributor (13sec)

TAR Station ID – introducing the topic of homelessness (20sec)

Clips from TAR – Victoria’s 3rd Pirate Radio Music Festival

Victoria’s 3rd Pirate Radio Festival – Introduction & line-up (1min:32sec)

Victoria’s 3rd Pirate Radio Festival – Why TAR? Community (2min:45sec)

Victoria’s 3rd Pirate Radio Festival – MC J McLaughlin (2min:01sec)

CHAPTER 13: The Art of Unstable Radio by Anna Friz

The Prayer Machine – excerpt (7min:32sec)

The Tower – excerpt (4min:16sec)

Both pieces created and performed by Annabelle Chvostek and Anna Friz

Both pieces are excerpts from The Automated Prayer Machine (2004), multi-media, multi-channel performance using micro-radio transmission, live electronics, acoustic instruments, and video projection. Some samples from U.S. talk radio courtesy of Emmanuel Madan.

Recorded live at Rote Flora, Hamburg (January 21, 2004) and  Rad’a Gallery, Montréal (August 21, 2004)

The Automated Prayer Machine was conceived as an antidote to a post-9/11 escalation in media hysteria and increasingly sensationalistic news reporting that encouraged apathy and fear rather than productive or positive action. The performance sought to rethink radio as capable of manifesting a common space for unfolding human hopes and aspirations.As part of the piece, Chvostek and Friz asked friends and contacts to donate ‘prayers’ on an answering machine, defining prayer as the articulation of desires, wishes or aspirations, with or without any religious context. These recordings formed the compositional heart of the work.

CHAPTER 14: Repurposed and Reassembled: Waking Up the Radio by Kristen Roos

The Acoustic Commons – an excerpt (11min:58sec)

CHAPTER 15: Radio Ballroom Halifax by Stephen Kelly & Eleanor King (with Marian van der Zon)

A drawing exercise, live on Radio Ballroom Halifax

Live: A drawing exercise – excerpt (5min:00sec)

CHAPTER 16: The Power of Small: Integrating Low-Power Radio and Sound Art by Kathy Kennedy

This piece is called “Soupire”. It is composed almost entirely of one recording of Kathy Kennedy’s voice. It was broadcast in the woods during her Gabriola Sound Treasure Hunt, with a small pirate transmitter and about 10 receivers hidden in the trees. It fits well into her theme of body as a metaphor for radio.

Soupire (7min:07sec)


Listen online directly or use Control/Right click to download.

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