Table of Contents


CHAPTER 1: Setting Sail: Navigating Pirate Radio Waves in Canada by Ron Sakolsky, Marian van der Zon & Andrea Langlois

CHAPTER 2: Latitudes of Rebellion: Free Radio in an International Context by Stephen Dunifer

CHAPTER 3: Resistance to Regulation among Early Canadian Broadcasters and Listeners by Anne MacLennan

CHAPTER 4: Freedom Soundz: A Programmer’s Journey Beyond Licenced Community Radio by Sheila Nopper

CHAPTER 5: Secwepemc Radio: Reclamation of Our Common Property by Neskie Manuel

CHAPTER 6: Awakening the “Voice of the Forest”: Radio Barriere Lake by Charles Mostoller

CHAPTER 7: Squatting the Airwaves: Pirate Radio as Anarchy in Action by Ron Sakolsky

CHAPTER 8: Amplifying Resistance: Pirate Radio as Protest Tactic by Andrea Langlois & Gretchen King

CHAPTER 9: The Care and Feeding of Temporary Autonomous Radio by Marian van der Zon

CHAPTER 10: The Voyage of a Gender Pirate & Her Toolbox by Bobbi Kozinuk

CHAPTER 11: Pirate Radio & “Manoeuvre”: Radical Artistic Practices in Quebec by André Éric Létourneau (translation by Clara Gabriel)

CHAPTER 12: Touch That Dial: Creating Radio Transcending the Regulatory Body; with Radio Naked: Tactics Towards Radio Without Programming by Christof Migone

CHAPTER 13: The Art of Unstable Radio by Anna Friz

CHAPTER 14: Repurposed and Reassembled: Waking Up the Radio by Kristen Roos

CHAPTER 15: Radio Ballroom Halifax by Stephen Kelly & Eleanor King (with Marian van der Zon)

CHAPTER 16: The Power of Small: Integrating Low-Power Radio and Sound Art by Kathy Kennedy

CHAPTER 17: Voices in a Public Place: A Docu-Drama in Seven Acts on/for Micro-Radio in Canada by Roger Farr

Rip-Roaring Radical Radio References


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