Me7 wíktlmen: Neskie Manuel

It is with sadness that we write about the loss of Neskie Manuel, the author of the chapter “Secwepemc Radio: Reclamation of Our Common Property” in Islands of Resistance. Neskie went missing on May 8th from a family camping trip and his remains were found 53 days later on the shores of the South Thompson River.

Neskie was involved in radio and other techno projects and was passionate about the preservation of his community’s language. When we first read Neskie’s contribution, we were struck by the phrase “We are not pirates, we are Secwepemc.”

We are honoured to have his words immortalized in Islands of Resistance and send our deepest condolences to his family, his community, and to all those who knew him or were inspired by his work.

To read more about Neskie visit:

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